Version 8.5 > stroke default??


6/5/2020 3:43:04 PM
I'm tired of having the stroke show up where and how I don't want it.
When I go to apply or change the stroke it gives the option of using the
default or making a change. I want to set the default to something I might
actually use, but I can't find anything about the stroke default in the Help,
User guide, Knowledge base, etc. Can someone tell me how I can set the
default -- or, at least, turn it off?

6/6/2020 6:00:24 AM
Can't you set it how you want it, and save that as a preset? If I understand what you're asking, that's what we did. I then save a copy of that preset file to a shared drive (or USB drive) and save it to any new installation and it is applied automatically.

6/6/2020 6:45:57 PM
I guess I've never used "presets" (in 15 years ;-)). I just wanted to go to slide properties, then
to all media, then set the default stroke like I would the default font, shadow, etc.
Whenever I have to change the stroke, it asks use the default settings or
use the setting set below. From this I assume that there is a way to actually set
the default, but I haven't found it nor found anything about it.

6/7/2020 12:25:30 PM
With SSP open, tap the F11 key or click the "Slide Properties" menu and select "All Media".
Select "* Text Style" and select the "Stroke" tab. (* in place of "Song", "Scripture", or "Slide")
Change the settings however you like and click the "Apply" button
(Optional) Click the "Save To..." button
(Optional) Make sure "User Properties Files" is active and give it a file name with a .sspsp extension.
(Optional) Click the "Save" button.
Click the OK button to close the "Default Slide Properties" dialog box.
Search your SSP folder for the file you created and save it to another location. This file can be copied to the same location of any other SSP installation and it should make them all display the same way. You can also use this file to "Import From..." or "Merge From..." in the "Default Slide Properties" dialog box.


6/9/2020 9:14:50 AM
Thanks, Gary,
Since "Shadow" is one of the "property groups," I was looking
for "Stroke" to also be there since I consider them to be somewhat
equivalent attributes. I hadn't thought of going another layer down
and setting it for each group. Thanks again. I'm surprised how much
I still don't know about SSP after 15 years! Good to still have a few
old timers around who can help.

I, too am being pressured to, at least, look into Pro Presenter. SSP
has been my all-time favorite program and I'm very reluctant to
make a switch.

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