Version 8.2 > Not able to use .mov file for song back ground


7/3/2015 1:37:49 PM
I have some .mov files that show up and quite a few that do not. I also get an error: "Unable to use file type: Video File. Reason: An internal application error has occurred. Contact technical support if the problem persists." I have a copy of SSP v7 and had no problem with the files. Note that I have a few .mov files not causing a problem. .mpg and .wmv are not a problem.

7/6/2015 10:58:28 AM
There are a few things that could cause this - A few Questions:

Do you have the H.264 plug-in installed and licensed?

Are your .MOV files in the proper format using the H.264 CODEC?

Is the Version 7 that you spoke of installed on the same system as Version 8?

Based on your answers I may be able to direct you to a solution.  If you have time, it would be faster to contact the support team and let them take a look.  They should be able to resolve this.

7/10/2015 1:34:41 PM
The problem was caused by a setting being wrong for video. In Settings > Audio and Video file you have the option to use know and trusted components or any system components. The video one was any system. Changed it back to recommended selection of know and trusted. Problem solved.

Thank you tech support.

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