Version 9.0 > SongShow Plus 9.0 - Preview Release - Known Issues


6/24/2019 2:00:50 PM
There are a few known issues with the current SongShow Plus 9.0 - Preview Release.

UPDATES With 01/30/2020 Production release:
Activation: All previously noted activation issues have been resolved.

Signage: All previously noted Signage issues have been resolved.

Web Pages: All previously noted Web Page issues have been resolved.

UI Themes: Many previously noted UI Theme issues have been resolved.  There are a few additional known issues to address.

Mobile Control:  Behavior is as expected to support IPv6 networks.  

UPDATES With new 9/25/2019 release:
Activation: There is a problem with license not recognizing some organization-level features that are not part of the Base Feature set, such as add-on Stage or Multi-Display support.
UPDATE: Corrected problem with license not recognizing some organization-level features.

UPDATES With new 9/19/2019 release:
Preview activation is reliant on 8.5 being installed and and activated.  Normal activation will be enabled by production release.
UPDATE: Regular activation is available.  Your subscription must have been current as of July 2019.

The current build will connect to the signage players but will not successfully update profiles or publish content.

Mobile Control:
The Mobile Control app will find machines on the network but there is a Socket Error - #22 (Android) #65 (iOS).
UPDATE:  It appears that this only occurs on networks that do not support IPv6.  If you disable IPv6 on your system network interface it will work as expected.

There are a few controls that need attention when the dark themes are applied.  Controls are functional just visually inaccurate.
Web Pages:
There are a few items to address in the new browser tools.  In particular, Vimeo videos will not play.
UPDATE: There have been some corrections and web videos will play again.  There are a few other less critical issues to address still.

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