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12/6/2005 11:33:33 AM
With the dual core systems starting to make their way on the market .... and the prices being almost the same (or maybe $100 - $200 difference) would you guys recommend buying the dual core instead of single core system ? .....  I know the advantages of dual core offering you the posibility to multitask better, but what about in the long run? (2-3 years?)

I am referring to "church projection systems" using SSP (not home/office use etc)

My church will purchase a new system soon ... and I was thinking to go with an intel 3.2 HT system .... but the dual core systems look good too (HP D830 or HP AMD X4200) .... so I just wanted to know what will best fit the SSP.

(as far as i understand, Intel D 820 cpu runs all the time at 2.8 GHz, but D 830 and D840 can lower their speed (when not used) to cut the power and heat .... so if you get a dual core, it is better to with D 830)

12/6/2005 12:40:51 PM
Well, as I've posted earlier SSP7 will support dual core processors.  5.5 does not. 

Beyond that, as we move into the future, multi-core processors will become the only offerings out there.  Even AMD has no further plans to produce any new single core processors.  Intel is moving in that direction as well. 

But because of problems Intel has had with Dual Core setups right now AMD is the leader in the market and looks to stay there for some time to come.  So if you were going to purchase a new system I would suggest getting an AMD processor, they're more bang for the buck and they simply work better.  This may change down the road but the roadmaps I've seen from Intel make it look like late 2006 or the first half of 2007 before they can really compete.

As far as buying a system for the future, I would buy a dual core system.  Just be aware of the limitation that only SSP7 will be supported on it.  5.5 works but behaves quite strangely. 

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