Version 8.2 > 8.2 toolbar slideshow builder is awful...go back to old version


10/25/2015 9:16:59 AM
Do you find the new toolbar in 8.2 fast and easy to use as you are building slides?(rhetotical question) I find that I now have to make more mouse movements and clicks to do what I used to do. Why is it that when software developers build new versions of software, they want to make it cleaner looking and remove the functionality and ability to find things quickly without having to go several clicks deep into other menus? SSP, please speed up my abilities to build slideshows and bring back the way the toolbar used to work. We will be reverting back to 8.1(which I never like to go backwards) until a new version is built that brings back the good toolbar.

Gene Balding
FBC Russellville, AL

10/26/2015 11:33:04 AM
Sorry you don't like the new layout.  This was created for more precise editing based on feedback from other users.

That said, the legacy toolbar is available in the current build.  Simply open the Slide Builder and select Settings > Preferences > Edit Window and check the Use Legacy Toolbar option.  A re-start is required.

11/1/2015 8:33:18 AM
Thanks George, that will make things a lot easier. While precision is nice, speed and efficiency is also very important.

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