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5/27/2020 9:37:31 AM

I currently have 3 Display Windows configured in SSP 9.0. Below is the current setup.

  1. Display Window 1 is set to project song lyrics in the sanctuary projector during service
  2. Display Window 2 is set up as the Stage Display (confidence monitor) that displays the song lyrics for singers
  3. Display Window 3 is set as a broadcast feed to display song lyrics in our webcast
Our Song Text Layout, in Slide Properties, for Display 1 is set to display lyrics one line at a time and its margins is configured to conform to our sanctuary layout, as we use a custom projector screen that is not your typical 16:9 aspect ratio. However, the Slide Properties for Display 1 will not work with our webcast layout. We'd like to use a separate display (Display 3) to feed video for our webcast.

Is there a way to use one Program, with all of the songs and videos included, to be sent to multiple displays (Display 1 & Display 3), both displays having different Slide Properties? Ideally, we'd like to go line-by-line through the songs and have Display 1 and Display 3 (both having different slide properties) display the lyrics in such as way that they conform to their display requirements.

I've looked at mirroring the displays in Windows 10, however, that setup is not going to work because Display 3 has a green background, for keying, and Display 1 has a black background. I've looked into luma keying, but I'm not satisfied with the results compared with color keying. Also, we have a custom projector screen that the text in Display 1 fits perfectly, but is too small for Display 3 and the broadcast.

Any thoughts on how to configure SSP is appreciated.

Kind regards,

6/13/2020 2:39:43 PM
Following this thread, as we are in almost the same boat. I would even consider switching to displaying a 2-3 lines at a time on the main projector if it's not possible to have different layouts for different displays at this time. I just need to display the lyrics on an additional output with no background for a video streaming overlay.

6/15/2020 1:42:19 PM
I have never used multiple displays, so I cannot say for sure, but I thought there was a way to do this in the Program Panel. If multiple displays are detected by the OS, SSP should see this and give you different displays to use in the Program Panel.

Hopefully someone that uses this feature can chime in hear and provide a guide for setting it up.


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