Version 8.2 > V8 doesnt work with Cyrillic and Windows 10


1/26/2016 2:05:11 PM
Good day.
We have v7 running in Vista without any issues.  We are in process of upgrading our PC to Windows 10 and Newest Version of SSP.  We have zero success transferring all the (Ukrainian and Russian) songs from V7 to V8.  The songs display as characters.  We talked with support and import/export, copy, all methods that we tried have been unsuccessful.  The only method that works is to MANUALLY enter each and every song, then it works.  This would take resources we do not have.  I'm looking for help on the forums, since we're at a dead end w/ gfm-support.

any input is appreciated.

3/28/2016 1:00:02 PM
its been 2 months and no replies???

3/29/2016 8:17:02 AM
Yeah, this site is not very active any longer :-(
Have you tried v7 and Win 10? If that works you could forget v8 as I have.

3/29/2016 8:34:51 AM
Dick....are you still smarting over your zoom feature? You have one thing in common with UBC----very unique and certainly less than mainstream challenges with SongShow. I've found SongShow very responsive when emailing them directly.

3/29/2016 8:45:24 PM
I "smart" whenever a product reduces performance for no apparent reason. I've also gotten some good responses via email .. so what's this site for?

3/30/2016 8:44:32 PM
Gfm support told me to hold off until 8.3 comes out with windows 10 support.

And no, I didnt try? V7 with windows 10. Do you think ill get samw results?

Whats funny is that I can create new songs just fine. The problem is bringing my songs from v7 to v8. Unless the problem is Win 10...

3/31/2016 7:14:13 AM
Do you think ill get same results?

Don't know, but it's an easy try and will give you another data point in any event.

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