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12/23/2005 1:42:53 PM

I have a laptop with Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910 CML Express Chipset.  DirectX 9 is installed.  1.73 Ghz.

Running the high end test it fails but seems to say I don't have DirectX installed when it is.

The question really is, is there a way around this thing that doesn't allow me to run the high end stuff, even if it runs slow?  This is the laptop I have to use to set up programs and then Package them to go to the church projection computer.  The problem is, all I can do at home is set up the words but can't do the backgrounds because it won't allow me to see them.



12/23/2005 4:33:20 PM
Have you tried updating the drivers for your video card from the card manufacturer?

This would be the first thing I would try.

Hope this helps

12/24/2005 5:47:39 AM
That was the first thing I did. That didn't do it.

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