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6/6/2020 6:08:29 AM
Our church is getting ready to install a camera system for CCTV, to have multiple viewing areas in the building in support of physical distancing. We will be using a NDI solution to be able to control the camera feed and fade between feeds. The Rep frequently suggested using Pro Presenter because it offers a NDI output, but I don't want to change presentation software - not only for the cost, but I love SSP and don't want to have to learn something new.

Does SSP have plans to offer an NDI output in the future?


6/7/2020 6:19:10 AM
Download the free NDI Tools and run NDI Scan Converter. It will allow you to select your monitor as an NDI source. We use this with OBS Studio to show the scriptures and lyrics on the screen. It is free and works well. You will want to make sure the SSP computer is using a network cable and not wifi. I have heard it will work on wifi, but not as well. Also, there is a bit of a delay between when it changes on the SSP computer and when I see the change on the OBS Studio because of the network and processing by OBS.

This solution will allow you to capture anything you can show on the monitor and not required for the application to have NDI support.

6/7/2020 12:09:28 PM
Thanks, jdhymer. Does this have much overhead, that could bog down SSP?

I was also told to use vmix' desktop capture. I installed it, but couldn't figure out how to get it to see a display as a NDI source.

Our SSP computer has both wired and wireless. I can use the wire for sending to a NDI switch and the wireless for intra/internet.


6/9/2020 4:32:49 PM
I haven't noticed much of an impact on our SSP computer. That is probably going to depend on how powerful of a system you have.


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