Version 5.5 > Forum issues today?


12/27/2005 9:22:06 AM

Is someone updating the forum today?

I keep getting logged out when browsing the forums. The worst part is it keeps marking forums "unread", even though there are no new items.


EDIT: I just discovered that I get logged out whenever I use the "Back" button to the page. If I just continually move fwd by clicking the links, all is well.

EDIT2: Well, guess that wasn't it, as I just got logged off when following a link to the page.

12/27/2005 9:42:33 AM
I haven't had that problem.

Have you tried clearing your cookies? Sometimes a bad cookie make the whole batch crumble.

12/28/2005 12:22:49 AM
The portal software was updated last week.  I too have noticed the problem when using one of my machines.

12/28/2005 11:41:46 AM
I have not had this occur again on any other PC. The PC that it was happening on was connected to a proxy server several states away.


12/28/2005 12:10:45 PM
Glad to hear it was a one time thing.  Keep us posted if it occurs any more.  Thanks

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