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3/8/2016 6:53:25 PM
I built a new computer and downloaded Songshow 8.2 ordered the Online Bible, I have everything running except I can't get Songshow to see Online Bible, this was working on the older computer with songshow 8.2, what am I missing in linking Online Bible to Songshow.

3/9/2016 8:32:04 AM
The Online Bible support is deprecated and requires SongShow Plus version 7 (latest build) to be installed to get the plugin to work.

SongShow Plus 8 UPDATE: To use any of these Bible plug-ins with SongShow Plus Version 8.x and newer, you must have SongShow Plus 7 installed on the same system.  Licencing is not required but the components used are in the SSP 7 Installation.   Since these are legacy deprecated programs the components are not included in newer versions of SongShow Plus.

What translations are you using?  Please let us know if it is not offered through our store.

If you need more assistance with the Online Bible plug-in you can contact the support team.

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