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12/29/2005 4:23:23 PM

Does anyone use iWorship DVD's in SSP and if so, how do u get the margins on the sides to disappear??? I have been trying to figure that out and I have had no luck. Also, is there a way to get sound to work when you put SSP words in front of an iWorship Movie??? I can get it the video to work, but no sound. Thanks.

12/29/2005 5:06:06 PM
a) go into the display setting for the iWorship item, click on Margin and select Full Screen. That might take care of the margin situation.

b) no, there is no way of using a video with sounds as a background.

12/30/2005 9:10:05 PM
I figured it out. If you burn it as an MPEG file, it will have the margins. an AVI file won't have margins. This might be an idea for SSP 7 on a future release. It would be great if you can use an AVI file and put the words in front of it and have sound. Like, if you burn an iWorship file as an AVI file, you can use the music and the SSP words. Just a thought.

1/3/2006 7:03:01 AM
I'm a little mystified what the problem is/was. I have a 7-disc iWorship set on the server, but of course it's probably a different one you have. They are mpg files and they play correctly full screen, with audio when entered as a video, and silently when applied as a motion background (although they are useless as a background since the embedded words conflict with SSP words. They do have use as fillers in SSB but can't be used until SSB allows audio.)

What further surprizes me is that the compression used affects screen size; I would have thought that MPEGs and whatever codec you use in your AVI file would display the same size.

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