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4/22/2016 1:48:32 PM

Church subscribed to a new website of short video clips and they are all on Vimeo.  I can import the link into the Webpages tab and put in my program, but when I press play I get a black screen with "SORRY there was a error encountered while loading this issue"  I've read all the older forum and support suggestions online and still no luck.  Nothing new or current that I could find.  I'm using IE v11.096 and do not know how to check whether the "flash player" is up to date.   Any other suggestions?  Or can I download them somehow in another format?

Doug, Lebanon, IN

4/23/2016 9:08:09 AM
When our Youth Minister uploads her videos to youtube, for me to display during a service, I use to download it to the computer. I then use Windows Movie Maker to convert it to a WMV file.


4/24/2016 12:50:41 PM
What Gary suggests is the safest route. I always make sure I have a good WMV copy and then load it into the program. I try not to play anything directly from the net or from DVD's -- I've had a few embarrassing glitches.

4/26/2016 11:00:25 AM
On a related note it can also depend on how the content was published and with what settings.  We have encountered issues with both Vimeo and YouTube where the site prohibits playback of the content through a 3rd party link and requires playback directly on Vimeo/YouTube.  I have seen this both with and without ads running on the video in question.

That said, it normally is pretty explicit giving a message along the lines of "You have to play this on our site" so this may not be your specific issue but may be related.

I would confirm that you can launch the video from an embed link created on the Vimeo site to make sure that works.  If so contact support for further investigation.

Or just go the safe route and get a local copy of the video as suggested...

5/6/2016 10:32:42 AM
Another vote for getting it local. If they have "subscribed" to this server, it may be worth contacting them and seeing if they have a download options.

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