Version 8.2 > Unable to link CCLI Account


5/1/2016 1:05:44 PM
Just installed SSP 8.2 on a new computer that we purchased for our Sanctuary and got everything from SSP 7 imported to the new machine without any major issues.  

I do have an issue however with importing songs through SongSelect.  I go to Songs -> Create or Acquire From -> SongSelect Online.  Then I get the window that comes up stating about selecting an account.  I click on the "Select Another Account" button and get the "SongSelect Authorization" window that pops up and it says "Waiting for SongSelect" ... Within about 5 seconds it then changes to say "Unable to access SongSelect.  Communication failed."  

Needless to say I can navigate to their website without any problem in both IE and Chrome.  I can also login and download the files to import the songs into SongShow but this process is a lot more tedious and there is no reason I should have to go through that when SSP is suppose to support importing the songs directly within their app.  I've searched the forums a few times and also dropped SSP tech support an email and still have gotten no response and it's been over a week now. Also attempted to call support several times and gave up after sitting on hold for 5+ minutes each time.  Sad considering we are supposedly a Platinum Level Subscriber ...

5/2/2016 12:04:24 PM
Hi Robert - Sorry to hear about your difficulty with SongSelect.

There is a KB article that address this very issue.  This most likely has to do with a system time zone or related setting that is causing an issue connecting to the SongSelect servers.

Please view this KB to resolve your issue.

Regarding the support issue - at some point in the hold time you should be able to leave a message and as a Platinum subscriber you will get priority for callbacks.  I will bubble this up to the support team.

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