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1/14/2006 7:45:55 PM
I have a problem with our projection machine - several video programs were installed in December in an effort to get a video to play.  We found one which worked for that format, then uninstalled all the rest.  Of course, during one of the uninstalls, SSP was affected.  Now if I attempt a motion background using the Promodules from Worship Films or Worship Scapes, I get an error from SSP telling me the video codec is either missing or damaged.    Does anyone have a way I can return Windows to it's original state? 


1/15/2006 12:24:40 AM
I would think you will need to reinstall win dvd.. Sounds like the codecs are all messed up..

1/15/2006 5:42:43 PM
You have to have WinDVD installed in order to play those backgrounds.  If you do have it installed, uninstall it and reinstall it but make sure you have your serial number handy so you can reenter it. 

1/16/2006 9:04:28 PM
Thanks Karen and Rod, I'm bidding right now on ebay for WINDVD. I'll let you know if that fixes the problem.


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