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1/22/2006 6:21:15 PM
I have noticed this problem for more than a few months, and it's consistent and repeatable.  We run 3 services every Sunday morning.  The default SSP program for *one* of those service starts with a custom Display Properties item. 

Note: We're running SSP 5.5, patched up to date.

We often play locally-produced video clips, either AVI or MPG, in our services.  I have noticed that during the two services that do NOT have the custom Display Properties item, the video and sound in video clips are perfectly synchronized.  However, when we play video clips as an event during the third service, the audio ALWAYS lags behind the video by a noticeable amount.

This is a consistent and repeatable problem.

The Display Properties settings for that one service are pretty straightforward, although I don't remember exactly what all of them are.  I think it's mostly font settings for Scripture display.

Why would video clips be perfectly in sync during the other two service, and so noticeably out of sync during the third one?  Any ideas?  The Display Properties item is the only difference I can point at between the third service and the other two.

And before anyone asks, I have not yet tested this by gradually removing items from the Display Properties settings until the problem is fixed.  I will, but just haven't had time yet.



1/25/2006 7:54:02 AM
Sorry, I for one can't even begin to help, but I do have a question in my understanding of the problem.

I know about the program item one can add "Display Properties" to which one can customize the display properties that become effective from that point forward, and I know about right-clicking on an item and from there customizing the display properties that become effective for only that item, and I know about the top-level menu command allowing you to customize the default display properties that applies in the absence of the previous two.

From your problem statement of three separate ssp programs I assume that there is a program item (which is a video) that is present in all three programs, but a Display Properties program item in only one. Do the video program items have their usual custom display properties set identically in all three programs?

The display properties precedence is:
1. Individual program item (the video) customizations.
2. Display Properties program item customizations (overridden by 1).
3. Default (global) display property customizations (last resort, overridden by 2 and 1).

Is it the presence of Item 2 in one program that causes the audio lag? And if you delete that item the audio becomes in sync?

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