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6/14/2016 1:07:25 PM
It has been one of those months and I am thankful for this forum so I can post questions!

We switched out a monitor and had a few issues that were fixed.  The main issue was that by removing monitor 1 the computer decided that monitor 2 was now monitor 1 and the replacement monitor 1 was now monitor 3.  This little change caused a ripple effect of issues that I am still working on.

The one issue is the media control panel.  It used to be when I clicked on a song or slideshow it would show all the slides.  Now it is just blank.  I don't know if this is a glitch and has nothing to do with the monitor change or if there is something that was unchecked because when the tech person came he decided to play around with songshow even though he was asked not to.

I checked and what I currently have checked off is the media files panel, the program panel and the media control panel.

what did I forget to do?

6/19/2016 7:28:47 PM
Go to Setting > Display...

Make sure the number of available displays matches what you actually have.

Presenter Window should be your SSP Control display.
Display Window 1 should be your output to projectors or monitors
If you have more than one display they would be Display Window 2 - ??

We recently changed our monitor configuration and Display Monitor 1 was pointing to a nonexistent monitor. IIRC, it actually had question marks. It also showed three monitors in the layout at the top when there were only two displays listed in Windows Display settings. Once I changed the number of displays to two, and then set Display 1 to the projector output, the Media Control panel acted as expected.

6/24/2016 12:14:19 PM
Thanks for the reply. I had the same issues as you where it pointed to an nonexistent monitor and showed three monitors when only two were displayed. It is amazing how something as simple as changing a monitor can affect so many things.

I went to setting>display

Presenter window says standard placement and display device is 1
Display window 1 says display device and display device is 2

There is no third monitor

Still not having the media control panel work. I am going to have to make the phone call

I tried removing the monitor but the computer still says there are three monitors. I am so regretting the changing of the monitor.

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