Version 8.2 > copyright & CCLI number separator?


6/14/2016 3:26:59 PM
I'm new to SSP 8.2 so this might be a dumb question.
There seems to be a new separator between copyright and CCLI number (i.e., /), but I have used | for all my songs and now I have |/. Can one select what separator to use? Am I going to have to change 800+ songs now that we have this option?

6/17/2016 9:46:50 AM
Where's the "|" coming from?

6/17/2016 7:47:38 PM
Since, previously, there were no separators but they were needed, I added them (ala the author separators). All was well, but now you also have
added them and I have two! My question is: are there any options to the separators that you have added?
Does it have to be used? Does it have to be a slash? If it is "set in stone," I will have to remove all of mine - uck!

6/23/2016 6:15:52 PM
There's no option to change that but you can specify that the license number be placed on a separate line.

6/24/2016 3:21:06 PM
Right, I found that out. I still have to remove all my separators, but I will do them
as I come to them. The separate line is a nice addition. I hope sometime that
the title and author lines will permit returns to enhance formatting.

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