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2/1/2006 7:52:51 AM

Thanks to Andrew for this one.... for those that have wanted to print out a list of the songs in there data base..

"Please post this in the other website for me since I am just an occasional user:"

- Download and install Macromaker ( Be warned, it insert itself in your startup group but it can be easily removed.

- Open SongShow and show all songs on the left and create a blank program on the right. Select first song in the list.

- Test the keystrokes manually first. Ctrl-enter will insert the current selected song into a program and down arrow will select the next one.

- Open Macromaker and on the right add a Recording and manually enter the keystrokes in the attached graphic. Save this as "Test".

- On the left create a Macro which plays the "Test" recording. See attached graphic "macro playback". I made it activate using ctrl-F12 and it must run 50 times and then stop.

- Leave Macromaker open and return to SongShow. Press ctrl-F12 and 50 songs will be inserted into the program. crtr-F12 again and the next 50 and so on.

- If you have say 140 songs and repeat the macro 150 times then the last songs will be inserted 11 times so just delete the extras at the end.

- Print the program. I used a free program called PDF creator to print to a PDF so it can be mailed.


2/1/2006 6:42:55 PM

The two attachments "macros" have been posted in the "Files" area of the "worshipmultimedia exchange" Yahoo group..

In a folder named macros for use with post 4200

Hope this helps

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