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2/12/2006 1:34:38 PM
Here is what has been happening to us lately.  We're using the latest version of 5.5.  I'll get an alert when I first open up SSP that tells me that Direct X isn't loaded so SSP may not work correctly.  I then shut down SSP and reopen it and the alert is gone.  This has happened the last 3 times I've opened it.  I need to put out an email because if somebody else opens it, they'll freak.


2/12/2006 2:18:16 PM
I had this problem with an earlier version of an ATI driver and XP SP2. I believe you are using a laptop, right? The manufacturer dirver might be using the same driver I had an issue with. Check to see if they have a newer driver. Even if the driver is the same as yours, maybe re-applying the driver will resolve the issue.

Good luck

Have you tried the Pre-Release of V7?


2/12/2006 2:20:12 PM
I actually am using SP2 and an ATI driver.  I did update to the latest driver, but that really messed everything up so I had to roll it back.  So I am guessing that could be it.  I haven't found time yet to update the driver and deal with the problems.  I'm too chicken to try the latest version of SSP yet on our projection computer.

2/12/2006 2:37:13 PM
You should be able to DL an older version if the latest causes an issue. Have you tried an "almost latest"?


2/13/2006 5:33:01 AM
No, I tried just the latest.  I had a heck of a time even finding out where to download the driver. 

2/13/2006 6:44:05 AM
Where did you get the driver? From the card manufacturer or the laptop manufacturer?

I know that R-T generally recommends that you get laptop drivers from the makers of the laptop.

2/13/2006 6:47:46 AM
I got it from the Card Manufacturer.  We don't use a laptop for our projection computer, it is a PC.

2/13/2006 6:55:28 AM
Oh. sorry.

To many thread blurring in my mind, evidently.

2/13/2006 9:56:34 AM
Posted By Karen39 on 02/13/2006 6:47 AM
I got it from the Card Manufacturer.  We don't use a laptop for our projection computer, it is a PC.


Try getting the latest driver from instead of the card maker.  ATI puts out "pure" drivers while the card makers sometimes add "tools" and such or "optimize" the drivers. 

ATI has made it a bit confusing to get their latest driver as their main package now requires that you download and install .net from Microsoft first. 

However, if you scroll down to the "slow" connection they've broken it up into 3 sections.  The first is the driver, the other two are various control tools.  All you need is the driver in the first section.  This bypasses the .net requirement and keeps from loading a whole bunch of junk that you don't need. 

2/13/2006 10:01:43 AM
Thanks for clarifying that, David.

Seen on a t-shirt: .net - are you .nuts?

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