Version 8.2 > ssp 8.2 is slow!


10/13/2016 9:46:06 AM
I've known all along the vs 8.2 was much slower than vs. 7, but never realized exactly how slow.
Today I timed starting each program on a couple of different PCs. Here's a typical result:
Starting vs. 7 from start menu and answering question about another version being present; 8 sec.
Starting vs 8.2 from the taskbar ; 45 sec.
Wow! Five times.
One other thing I found out (painfully): don't answer "NO" to the vs. 7 question about continuing start up with
another version of ssp present -- the splash screen stayed up and the computer had to be hard booted to
kill it! Not fun. These two versions don't exactly play well together.

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