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2/24/2017 10:32:06 PM
Have 8.2 on a Windows 10 workstation (W10 Pro. 20G Ram, 3.3 Ghz I5). Can no longer get PTG to work. First screen opens, but can never get the ability to select a location. CPU goes to 25-35%, but PTG is frozen. Have turned off Anti-Virus. Have stopped other running applications (Skype, browsers, etc) all to to avail. 8.2 works on GFM box at church, on the band member's who does the lyrics.  Installed on one of my other computers (W7 Ultimate, 8G, 3.2 Ghz I5) and it failed there too. The only thing I can think of is that there is an application that is causing this, since the W10 Pro computer was the replacement for the W7 Ultimate machine. The problem is "Which application."  It also will run ONCE on my ThinkPad (W7 Pro, 4G, 2.4Ghz I5), and if you attempt a PTG a second time, PTG hangs and you have to use Task Manager to end the task.

Worked with SSP Support and they could not find anything on my computer to get it to work. My only choice at this point is to install SSP on a bare W10 machine and see if it works and then make that my SSP machine (a waste of good hardware). This has to be happening to someone else - I can't be the only person in all SSP land that has some weird app interacting with SSP.

2/24/2017 11:55:14 PM
Have found two things. 1. Installed 8.2 on my lab Windows Server 2012R2 running only one big application. No "user" apps. PTG works like a champ time after time, but don't want to make that my SSP computer. Even restored a package from a couple of months ago and was able to repeatedly package it with consecutive numbers. 2. On my laptop, PTG hung, and I clicked on the "Close" button and went down to have a snack. When I came back 10-12 minutes later, PTG was closed, so I went for Package to Go, and waited 10 minutes and it was finally ready to let me select a destination and package the program.

2/27/2017 10:45:00 AM
Sorry to hear about your issues.

A couple of suggestions to start:

First - Since the current release is 8.3, I suggest you update to that version.  While this may not fix the problem (but it might) it will place you on the current version that any issues discovered would be fixed in.

Second - If, as you described in your second post, there is simply a long delay in populating the initial dialog that would be a good clue.  When PTG is first opened it goes to the OS and says "what drives are available for destination" and waits for the OS tp respond. Since SSP has to wait for a response, there is not much we can do about that. Check for any changes in drive availability such as drive letter changes or addition/removal of external drives (thumb drives included) that could be slowing this process down.

If after you complete these two items you are still having issues I would reconnect with the support team and have them take another look.

2/27/2017 6:59:26 PM
My last call with support, a couple of weeks ago, we installed 8.3 and got the same response. Based on what you are saying, yes, PTG is probably checking and inventorying every drive mapped (even a couple of cloud drives) on these computers. So, would'nt it be simpler for the SSP programmers to forget searching ALL drives and simply use the Windows explored window for what ever we need to do. Sony Sound Forge doesn't search all my drives every time I want to do a save, and I have nearly a thousand mp3 files (and don't even ask about iTunes files). If that is what PTG is doing, it does not make any sense. Clicking PTG from an open program should pass the current file name as the source, and pop open a window so we can choose where we want to save the created file. Oh, I also have hundreds of zip files on all three of the "slow" computers. Why not write a diagnostic PTG that at the beginning and end of each stage writes to a log file. That way an engineer could easily see where the failure occurs. Just saying.

3/2/2017 11:12:55 AM
I think you misunderstood.  

I did not say anything about scanning/inventorying every drive.  SSP asks the OS what drives are available and waits for a response.

A few things to consider:

You stated that it is not working any longer which implies that it was working at one time.  What changed?

It seems that you may have network drives mapped - are they always responsive/available?  If they are not responding to the OS that would delay the info to SSP.  Try un-mapping these to see if that is the problem.

The PTG tool does try to go to the last folder that was accessed.  try this:  Open PTG and wait for it to populate (you said there is a long delay but it does open eventually) and make note of the drive/destination that is selected when it opens.  change this to something different (a local empty folder) and then see if the behavior is different. 

We do have diagnostic tools available so if these suggestions do not expose an answer I suggest that you talk to support again so they can escalate the issue.

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