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5/19/2017 10:10:02 AM
I run SSP 8.2 workstation on a Windows 10 Pro computer updated to 2017 Creator edition. The computer was running Windows 10 Anniversary edition before. SSP was updated in the past from SSP 7 to SSP 8.

I had to re-install Windows due to problems in Windows. As this was a clean installl, I had to re-install SSP 8.2 as well. After restoring my Song files, SSP is working fine except for the watermark on the output. This is not the projection machine, but the "WORKSTATION" watermark on the output  is too obtrusive. I cannot clearly read the display songs to verify the typing. This is both on the Display monitor window and a second display connected to the computer.

I realise the watermark is to prevent people from using a workstation installation to project a program in church, but is tere a way to mike it a bit dimmer?

5/22/2017 4:59:47 AM
Perhaps I should add that the question came after the re-install of the computer as the watermark was not an issue in the previous installation (on the same computer running Windows 7, 8 or 10.

6/2/2017 6:46:06 PM
From everything I know and experience, if you activated SSP as a workstation, you should be getting the watermark.

6/5/2017 10:41:00 AM
Check your high-end graphics settings and video solution. 
It is possible that the watermark appearance might vary slightly depending on these settings.

You can also try adjusting the background settings and margins (at least for review) to make sure it appears as expected.

However as stated, the watermark is there to prevent projection use and there are no "settings" for this to change its appearance. 

6/27/2017 9:43:14 AM
You might review this post to see if it will work for you.

Removing "workstation" watermark from display in control panel

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