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Jim Parish
2/5/2021 1:19:42 PM

In our new version of SSP 9.1 the ;scriptures automatically default to 5 verses per slide.  That is too much text on one slide.  While building the show, I select the number of verses I want on each slide but there is no place to save it as the default.  As a result, each time I change the background, the program automatically defaults to 5 verses per slide.  With 8.5 we did not have this issue as the automatic multiple slide feature kept text about right.  Is this being addressed?

2/6/2021 8:22:31 PM
This support request has been forwarded to the support team.

Martin Stauffer
2/13/2021 9:50:56 AM

I'm not sure if anyone has addressed your problem yet.

But in the most recent update the scripture settings were modified.

To set the default number of verses per slide, choose the slide properties menu and select scripture. Then select "Scripture Text Layout" and choose the "Build Options" tab in the right panel

In there is an option for "Maximum verses per slide" See image below. While this doesn't let you select for each slide, it will limit it to a maximum number.

Jim Parish
2/14/2021 11:15:43 AM

I have done that for each service but when we change one of the properties such as background and such, it defaults back to 5 verses per slide.  I have to reset it each time rather than changing the default.  I was hoping we could set our default and not have to change it every time we insert verses or change a background.

Martin Stauffer
2/20/2021 10:11:13 AM

As long as I have the default number of verses set using the Main Menu - Slide Properties for Scripture Text Layout. I have not had a problem with changing the background, etc. It always has retained my default number of verses I have set. I can change the slide background when I select new scripture and it stays at my default setting. I can even change the number of verses to a different value for a set of verses if I feel they fit in the slide and it retains that change without affecting other sets.

However if I do not set the default at the Main Menu - Slide Properties for Scripture Text Layout, and make changes at the slide creation screen or click the properties box in the program screen for those slides and make changes, it will change the number of verses displayed back to 5.

Make sure that you have number of verses set in the Main Menu - Slide Properties. If you still have a problem then something else might be affecting it, and maybe someone can help you with the problem.

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