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6/9/2015 4:39:27 PM
Hello All,

There have been a few questions regarding SongShow Plus and Windows 10.

First - A few updates on Windows 10 to share

Microsoft has announce the Windows 10 release date as July 29, 2015.

There are still updates being made to the Windows 10 Preview builds so that people can get familiar with it.  The latest build as of this post was Build 10074 and additional builds are expected to become available before the official launch.

Microsoft has already started to present update options to users of Window 7 and 8.1 that are up to date.  A recent Windows update will place an icon in the tray allowing you to reserve your copy of Windows 10.  As I understand it, if you select this they may download the final build to your system but there will be no updates made prior to the July 29 release date.  

Windows 10 does not support DVD playback and if you have Media Center for your Win7/8.1 installation it will be removed during the upgrade. 

I recommend that if you are interested in using Windows 10 that you review the info on the Microsoft site

Second - SongShow Plus and Windows 10

We have tested SongShow Plus 8.2 with the latest available build of Windows 10 and it does work as expected.  We will be doing more extensive testing again after the final release on July 29.  

There are some user account management changes in Windows 10 that might affect SongShow Plus.  We will have a list of Do's and Don't for Windows 10 available after the launch of Windows 10.

At this time, there are no plans to test versions of SongShow Plus prior to 8.2 with Windows 10.

If you have any questions or run into any issues that you believe are Windows 10 specific, please post them in this thread.

Thanks for your interest.

7/13/2015 11:41:06 AM
Sounds good.

I;m hoping you will be able to support the improved display scaling in Windows 10

4/14/2017 10:08:01 AM
Any word on when SongShow Plus will support Windows scaling to allow use on high resolution monitors? With 4k laptops coming out, it would be good to have the option of scaling up the display with the control panel. Displaying at 100% would be too tiny.

10/17/2018 12:31:17 AM
Hi all!

1/15/2019 6:38:28 PM
I've had little to no problems with Windows 10.

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