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Dawn Samuels
2/12/2021 12:34:40 PM

The changes that were made to how Scriptures can be displayed/edited/formatted from 8.5 to 9.1 need to be This change is a complete downgrade and is incredibly frustrating.

In 8.5: Add scripture to program. Right click on scripture>edit... add & organize scripture to look as you want it. Complete portion of scripture is displayed on ONE LINE unless you want to expand it.  Separate slides show in order in the display window just like song lyric slides.
In 9.1: You took away that option and added a window that does absolutely nothing. And now a long portion of scripture is broken up and displayed on multiple lines making the program ridiculously long.  

Please fix this or at least give users the option of how they want to build their scripture presentations (old way vs new way).

2/12/2021 4:38:45 PM

I may not completely follow what problem you're describing. I think you want each verse to be on its own slide, but you don't want each verse to be a separate entry in the program. If this is correct, then that is still possible.

To do this, add the range of verses you want to present but as a single program item. There is a new Slide Properties setting in the Scripture Text Layout group under the Build Options tab labeled Maximum verses per slide. The default value for this is 5 I believe. You can change that to 1 which will then present a maximum of one verse per slide. This property can be set at the Default level, the program level, or the program item level as needed. When this is done, you can then expand the program item as before where each verse is then on its own line or collapse it to reduce the lines used in the program panel.

These changes were made to accommodate the new capability in 9.1 to send content both full screen and lower-third displays simultaneously.

Also, remember that the Slide Show Builder, as well as the new Slide Show Artisan tools, have scripture building mechanism that are more flexible than what is provided within the media and program panels.

Dawn Samuels
3/12/2021 7:51:34 AM

No... I want to manually determine how many verses are on each individual slide.  I totally understand the new system and how to set a default number of verses per slide, etc.  On average, 3 is good... but in reality sometimes one verse will fill up a slide on it's own... sometimes you can fit five.  In 8.5 you could input a large  chunk of scripture and manually choose which verses you wanted on each slide.  There were a few reasons this was preferable: 1.  Visually, you could make each slide look more consistent, 2. If you wanted to highlight one specific line of scripture on it's own slide within the group of scriptures, you could, 3. You could group scriptures together (ex: when quoting dialogue), and 4. The whole chunk of scripture would be listed on one line with the option to expand it to show each individual scripture slide - just as you do for a slideshow.  

3/12/2021 9:34:00 AM

Thanks for following up with more information.  I've explained why the changes were made above so I won't go over that again except to say that the change was partially supported by the fact that everything you describe is also doable through the Scripture Slides Assistant. Admittedly, it's not as straight forward but I believe that all of the capabilities you mention exists there, and more. In any case, we continually evaluate these things and future changes based on the feedback we receive so thank you for that.

5/1/2021 7:39:31 AM

I will also add a comment about the 9.1 implementation. If add a slide of scripture to the program and go back later to edit it or a copy you made because you want 3v on one slide and 4 on the next - the edit changes the bible version to the first one in your list alphabetically - basically any edit will change the bible version that had already been specified.  

I will need to look into the Maximum versus per slide section. 90% of the time 3 works great.  

5/28/2021 9:31:21 AM

Thanks for the feedback. We're working on 9.2 at this time and, as a result of the comments here, we'll address this feature again. 

5/30/2021 5:38:44 PM

I have also noticed the bible version is lost when editing the verse references. Hope to see this fixed in 9.2.

Dawn Samuels
6/29/2021 11:36:36 AM

On 3/12 Dreece recommended using the Scripture Slides Assistant... I have tried using this but, I hate to say it, it is a huge pain in the 'patootie'...  Why do you have to format absolutely everything?  If it automatically used the defaults you have set for scripture slides it would be useful.  But I don't have time to put in all of these settings every time I want to build a single individual slide.

7/1/2021 10:18:50 AM

Thanks for the feedback. In a few weeks we'll have a preview of 9.2 available with some changes made to the scripture support functions based on feedback from you and others we've received.

Dawn Samuels
7/1/2021 12:20:37 PM

Thank you!

8/5/2021 10:04:00 PM

The first preview of 9.2 is not yet ready for release, however, I have posted a blog about the updated scripture feature. You can read about it here: /news/blog/BE318.

George Taylor
9/1/2021 1:55:19 PM

Hi again Dawn.

FYI - the scripture edit enhancements were added to the 9.2 Preview build that is now available.  While this is not ready for production, if you are current you can check it out.

Dawn Samuels
1/14/2022 10:18:40 AM

I just previewed 9.2 build and am very disappointed to see the issues with the Scripture Slides assistant were not addressed - you still have to build the slide from complete scratch (including font, layout, etc) instead of the program using your default Scripture slide properties. IMO, this makes this feature completely worthless due to the time it would take to build the slides.  I am also wondering if SSP has any plans to add more Bible versions?  (Our pastor prefers to use the Berean Study Bible.)

1/14/2022 11:34:40 AM

Something must be unclear then. Not only was the previous capability restored, but its even more flexible than before. However, the user interface for that has changed.

George Taylor
1/17/2022 1:15:03 PM

Hi Dawn,

Just to clarify - the updates in 9.2 regarding Scriptures were to the tools and settings for the Presenter Scriptures Panel for adding scriptures directly to the program.  The previous reference to the Scripture Slides Assistant was a suggestion for a possible work-around to the undesired behavior you were getting regarding order/add and lines per slide.  There were no changes intended to the Scripture Slides Assistant as it is working as intended.

In order to utilize the updates regarding Scripture additions that was implemented, please resume your initial process of adding scriptures directly to the program from the Scripture Panel.  You will notice that the prior behavior that many requested (better control over verses per slide) has been restored as well as adding several additional options right from the Scripture panel.

I will also contact you via email regarding this info and see if you want to discuss these differences further.

Regarding your Bible versions question - I am not aware of the availability of the version you mentioned but we are always reviewing bible translation use statistics for the most popular versions to add.


1/29/2022 8:24:35 PM


You don't need to build each slide from scratch. You can load your saved settings to the Slide Show. In the Slide Show Builder, go to edit themes, then select Load From and you should see your setting files that you can load into the Slide Show. You may have to click on the User Properties Files folder to see them. I have one setting saved for scriptures that is used of Default scriptures in the Program and then just load it into the Slide Show. The settings get applied when you actually add them to the Slide Show. I ignore the settings in the dialog box except for the "Shrink to fit. Ensure consistent size." which I have to uncheck because of the large number of scripture slides we use. Believe me, I am not manually setting each slide every week. Because of the way we use it, I can have over 200 Scripture Slides most weeks.

I have used the Slide Assistant to add scriptures for our pastor's messages for many years.

We only use 1 verse per slide so I can't speak to the other issue of adjusting how many verses are on a slide.

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