Windows 10 > Windows 10, SongShow Plus 8.2 and DVD Playback


10/26/2015 12:08:59 PM
The recent update to SSP 8.2 dated 10/21/2015 included the re-activation of DVD playback in Windows 10.  

For those that may not have been familiar with the changes Microsoft made in Windows 10, one in particular was the elimination of Windows Media Center or any other included DVD playback support in the operating system.  Since our DVD solution required the built in components it was deactivated for use in Windows 10.

Microsoft has announced an add-on DVD player available through the Microsoft Store that restores this playback capability so we are once again able to support DVD playback in SongShow Plus 8.2 running on Windows 10.

Depending on how you installed Windows 10, you may be able to get (or already have) this player free of charge.  Please review the Microsoft KB regarding this for more details.

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