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3/6/2006 11:28:15 AM
Have a problem with the using the video device to put live feed behind words.  Cant use switcher cause our switcher is for our broadcast.  Im pulling the footage out from switchboard before going to editing computer. using dazzle 85, then going to projector, the problem is video locks ups within 2 min of playing.  getting a downstream keyer isnt an option already asked about it.    Comp specs.   P4 3.4,  1 gig ram,  Nvidia quatro fx 540

3/6/2006 3:20:42 PM
If you're using SongShow Plus 5.5 you'll need to check your processor.  If it's a Dual core or Hyperthreaded processor you will get lockups quite frequently from using video as your background.

If it's HyperThreaded you can go into your BIOS and turn that feature off.

If it's dual core, you will need to get version 7.  That's in Beta right now but should be released fairly soon. 

Those two things would be the first thing I check.

The next is the video card itself.  The Quatro line are Workstation Class cards that are  optimized for 2D operations like anti-aliasing Autocad.  From reading forums geared towards those cards, they do not handle 3D graphics nearly as well as the consumer grade GeForce cards do.

You would think a $1,000 video card would handle everything a $100 card will but saddly, that is not always the case.

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