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1/12/2016 8:24:58 PM
Are there any recommended system specs for SSP with windows 10 yet? 
Maybe three levels.  Basic, it will work.  Intermediate, you can do video backgrounds, stage view, and a few other things.  Advanced, can do HD video backgrounds with text effects, multiple outputs and stage view, live capture backgrounds, etc.
Recommended CPU brand and processor series and clock speed. AMD or intel, core i5, core i7, athlon, athlon x4, fx.
Amount of RAM.
Recommended video card and amount of RAM.

1/17/2016 9:23:23 PM
Would a Gtx 750 ti 2GB or Gtx 760 2GB be better? Use is hd video backgrounds and videos with display monitor, 2 outputs, and a stage view for a total of 4 outputs.

1/19/2016 1:16:27 PM
Avarts, the only advise we can really offer is that you use the highest performing hardware you can afford. This doesn't just mean the video card, but also system memory, hard drive, etc. With the new unlimited background and effects layering capabilities of SongShow Plus 8.x, you can bring any system to its knees. On the other hand, recent advancements in on-board graphics make even the lower end machines an option for "basic" use.  Just understand that any hardware you have can be overloaded at some point. Also, when compatibility issues arise, we test with nVIDIA video cards, and those are the cards we recommend. 

There are also other factors that can affect computer performance, and various manufacturers may configure machines in ways that hinder performance. So with that said, I recommend that you check into the GoFishMedia machines. These are built specifically for multimedia presentation and are specially configured for use with SongShow Plus.

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