Version 9.1 > Songshow Plus 9.1 lag
3/4/2021 12:05:09 PM

The amount of customization and degree of control of display properties in Songshow is really great.  Unfortunately, the lag time in accessing them becomes prohibitive.  Whether just clicking on one of the Slide Properties options such as "Front Screen/All Media", or then selecting one of the sub properties such as "song text layout" there is a very bothersome delay or lag.  As long as 15 seconds.  Sometimes the lag in selecting the initial slide properties location is doesn't even bring up a dialog box but instead there is a screen refresh and then you can try again.  

3/12/2021 8:56:05 AM

I agree that the lag is not good. It does differ from system to system. I've investigated this but have been unable to determine the primary source of the lag. That mechanism may need to be completely recoded which is not a happy thought.

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