Windows 10 > Computer from GoFish Media - looking for insights


3/8/2018 3:42:38 PM
Hello all,

Long time SSP user here, going back nearly 20 years. 

We are about to replace our sanctuary computer. I took a good look at the computer offered by GoFish media, built for SSP. It looks like a great deal.

Is anyone else out there using this computer? We're looking at the G7 Edge Pro. 

Here's the link:

How is it working for you? Any issues? How long have you been running on this computer? 

I'd appreciate any comments on this, favorable or otherwise, before I buy.

Many thanks,

Joe Hewes
Monmouth Worship Center
Marlboro, NJ

4/2/2018 4:45:11 PM
We've used 2 GoFish Media desktops and have been very pleased. In both cases they customized the configuration to meet our needs.

They're a little expensive, imho, but they are solid. I love that it all comes preconfigured.

4/4/2018 10:52:27 AM
Great, thanks for the info. Ours has shipped.


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