Windows 10 > Motion backgrounds fail or lockup SSP


1/7/2020 5:00:54 PM
If you are having issues trying to use motion backgrounds with consecutive songs, this is the work-around that GoFish Media provided that works for me.

Putting a blank song with an image background (I used the image version of the video) after the video background appears to be an acceptable work-around.

It appears that this is a known issue with Windows 10 release 1809, and is expected to be fixed with SSP 9.0. I cannot remember if he said if 1903 is also an issue, or if 1903 resolves it. I've heard some negatives with 1903, so I'm holding off on that one.


1/8/2020 9:25:45 AM
Thanks Gary.

And just for a little continuity on this - here is the link to the KB that addresses this issue:

Regarding other post 1809 Windows 10 builds - We have tested up through 1903 and have seen no behavior change with SSP 8.x and this issue.  Build 1909 of Windows 10 is available but no additional testing with 8.x has been done regarding this specific issue.  SSP 9.0 is currently available in preview and does address this issue.

1/10/2020 1:06:11 PM
It says the KB Article was move to the SSP Website. Which Number is it?


1/10/2020 1:12:21 PM

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