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3/13/2006 8:13:49 AM
i am looking at a 2 screen congregation projector system with a 1 screen choir confidence projector. the 2 congregation screens would show the same thing (I would use a video splitter for these ) while the 3rd screen would show different things such as lyrics for the choir etc. how would i manage this with ssp 5.5?


3/13/2006 9:41:13 AM
This is more related to hardware than it is SSP.  Now to have two different computer images showing, you would have to have 2 different computers.  However, to have video on the front two projectors and lyrics from the computer on the rear screen is not a problem.  You need to give Fowler a call and talk to one the reps who can help you through the issues.  Just as a for instance, you really don't want a splitter for VGA signal.  VGA signal is really only supposed to be run 25' without being amplified.  What is needed to split that signal is called a Distribution Amplifier which is a powered device rather than a passive splitter that doesn't amplify.  Fowler's number is 800-729-0163.  They will be glad to help.


3/13/2006 9:47:57 AM
Like Matt said, it depends on what you want on your front screens, when you want something different on your back screens.

If you want the front screens muted or can freeze a picture, if your projector can support that, then you can video mute or freeze the front projectors, while you continue to use the same computer for the back screen. Or if you want video from a different source on the front (e.g. cameras on the chior), then a video matrix switcher may be in order.

However, if you are wanting 2 different computer images on the front and the back, then the best way is 2 seperate projection computers and 2 operators.

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