Version 9.1 > Feature suggestion: add a way to specify slide build options in the Presenter window specifically


4/15/2021 7:30:14 PM

This is somewhat of a rehash of a previous thread of mine, as I now have a better idea what we need and how the current SSP features work. (Feel free to delete the old one.)

At my church, we're looking for a way to have full-screen 4+ line lyric slides on our sanctuary screens, but only 2-3 line slides as a lower third for our video recordings. To accomplish this, we need a way to have the Presenter window split each song verse into sub-slides, as it does when you limit the number of lines per slide in the build options, but to render the full verses on the main display. The only way I'm aware of to do this in SSP is to use the new emphasis animation. The problem is that this feature forces on some annoying visual elements that we don't want, namely a darkening of non-selected lines and a weird splitting of the screen into horizontal "slices" that each line is vertically centered in, creating awkward gaps between lines.

Yes, I'm aware that the line darkening in particular is the entire point of the emphasis animation, but it's the slide splitting in the Presenter window that I'm after. The code to do this without rendering it that way on Display 1 is already in SSP, so it should be fairly easy to implement an option in the slide build options to specify how slides in the Presenter window are listed.

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