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3/22/2006 2:38:26 PM
I recently saw a church in our neighborhood, using songshow, and they had a countdown at the beginning of their slideshow which looked like simple animated text or something of the like.  Is there a module to do this, or anything like that?  I didn't get a chance to ask them how they did it but I will at my next opportunity....We had been using a counter from TimeLeft which isn't as exciting, but does do the job.  Also another option would be a video...but this would take a lot of space and processing for what could be a much simpler job.


3/22/2006 2:42:12 PM
Yes, there is a countdown timers module that is available with SongShow Plus. 

It's more flexible than a video as you can use the predefined timers, or make one of your own.  You can have them count up like a stop watch or count down towards zero. 

If you have a current subscription to the promodules and don't have the Timers, simply run the SongShow Plus Updater, it should find the ProModule for you.  It's called "Timers". 

I hope that helps.

2/23/2007 9:36:55 AM

We do not have internet access at our church.  How can I download the Timer ProModule to take it to our church?

Thanks, Don

2/23/2007 12:40:51 PM
You can do a full download elsewhere, and load it into a thumb drive or CD and take it to church.

When you run the installation, it will give you the option of what modules to install.

2/23/2007 5:03:17 PM
Just as a side note....

Worship films make some great countdowns..
in particular I like the bible trivia collection

Radiatefilms also make some as well
check them out at


2/23/2007 5:12:55 PM
A 5 minute countdown timer in mpeg1 will take about 100 mb of hard drive space. They aren't terribly expensive. We have several that we use along with the timer in SSP for variety.

6/19/2009 1:52:59 PM
Is there a way to add a small timer on the bottom of each slide, such as for announcments. For instance, we are wanting to run announcment slides with a countdown timer in the corner. Is that possible?

6/19/2009 5:45:26 PM
Probably not the way you have in mind. That is a wish list item, I think.

One way you might be able to make it work would be to export your announcement slides as jpegs and make them into a video with Windows Movie Maker or Photo Story. Then you would use that wmv file as a timer background.

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