Version 8.5 > SSP 8.5 license lost during re-install


7/4/2021 12:24:55 PM

We experienced a problem today in SSP. The program was running and just before the sermon actually started, the screen settings changed without warning. Suddenly, the Windows status bar disappeared and we lost the presentation screen. Everything works fine on the PC, but nothing goes to the projector. I first thaught that it was a problem with Windows (10), but VLC worked fine with the two screens.

Eventually, I de-registered SSP projection license before uninstalling the program. I then re-installed SSP 8.5. When starting the program, it asks for a projection license as would normally occur.

I selected the available license and SSP opened, but still no output to the projector. After closing SSP and opening it again, it asked for a projection license again. Of course, there is only one license and it has been allocated to this PC, but now I cannot project and do'n't have a way to unlicense and re-license the PC.

How do I ask R-Technics to cancel the allocated license to allow me to assign it to the new installation?

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