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David Shoemaker
8/3/2021 10:48:23 AM

Loaded Version 11 Windows and have been doing testing.  In the slide show media window the listing of files by name does not allow you to select any slide show except the 1st one in your directory.  Did find if you use the ICON view you can select other slide shows and put them into to your program.

George Taylor
8/3/2021 3:05:02 PM

Hi David and thanks for choosing SongShow Plus.

Since Windows 11 is still a while out for an official release, we do not recommend using it on your production systems.   That said, we do appreciate your enthusiasm and curiosity in installing a beta build of Windows 11 and checking out SongShow Plus.

We are reviewing and testing the official Microsoft preview builds of Windows 11 as they become available and will do a complete regression once Windows 11 is fully released.  Our best info at this time indicates that would be no earlier than October this year or later.  As you might expect there will be some lag time from release to full support from a SongShow Plus perspective.

Also of note - there are significant changes to the system requirements for Windows 11 so not everyone will be able to update anyway.  Windows 10 will still be around until at least 2025 so we have a little time.

If anyone is curious about Windows 11 requirements you can check the Microsoft site - Windows 11 Specifications - Microsoft

David Shoemaker
8/5/2021 11:29:34 AM

Retested my system after updating with the latest Song Show Plus Release 6/2021 and all the problems are gone, so the trouble that I was having wasn't an 11 issue.  Will keep testing and posting any findings.

George Taylor
8/5/2021 6:10:05 PM

Hi David.

I looked into this a bit and it does appear to be a Win11 thing.  I believe I was able to replicate the behavior that you described in more panels than just the Slide Show panel.  It seems to have to do with what is, or was, selected and it gets "stuck" on that object.  If I changed folders or panels it would allow one or more selections and then get "stuck" again on an item - in my case it was not always the first item but I still believe this is the same behavior.

We will dig into this further - thanks for the info.

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