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4/1/2006 9:26:56 AM
We are thinking about getting a new computer.  However, at this time we don't want to install version 7.0 on it until it is a fully released version.  I just need to know for sure if we do purchase a new computer and it has dual core processors, will they not work with version 5.5?


4/1/2006 9:56:23 AM
I'm not sure, but if worse comes to worse, you can set the program to run off a single processor instead of two. Mine has HT and I didn't have any problems with 5.5, not quite but almost the same as dual core since it emulates two processors. Although it seems that others had some problems, in which case you just set the program to run off a single processor instead of both.

4/1/2006 4:52:53 PM
According to the song show plus team (aka: Doug, etc.), version 5.5 will not be compatible with dual core.

4/1/2006 9:00:23 PM
I'm not sure what "incompatability" they are talking about,
my workstation is a AMD dual core 3800+  and my projection computer is
an identical machine. I have run SSP 5.5 and ssp 7 beta without finding
any CPU related problems. Maybe it's a Intel dual core problem?

4/1/2006 10:51:06 PM
We had sporadic instablitiy problems with 5.5, particularly with the fireworks and then the christmas lights visualizations. There were other instabilities as well.

But when we were trying to troubleshoot the Christmas light problem was when we (R-Technics support and I) figured out that the machine was hyperthreaded.

Once we turned off hyperthreading, the problem went away.

Since running 7.0, I've turned hyperthreading back on and haven't had any troubles.

4/2/2006 5:55:14 AM
But, do you have dual core processors?  That is separate from hyperthreading.  I really really hope we can get a new computer soon, but if 5.5 won't work with dual core processors, then we'll have to wait until 7.0 is fully released.  Do you know when that will be? 

4/2/2006 8:44:50 AM
Posted By Karen39 on 04/02/2006 5:55 AM
But, do you have dual core processors?  That is separate from hyperthreading.  I really really hope we can get a new computer soon, but if 5.5 won't work with dual core processors, then we'll have to wait until 7.0 is fully released.  Do you know when that will be? 

No, this was not dual core. But R-Technics has maintained all along that 5.5 has the same problems with dual core that it has with hyperthreading. And I have no reason to believe they would make up a problem where none exists.

As for v7 release, I know as much as any. Doug announced in this blog that he could see the light at the end of the development tunnel. That was 1/14.

Right now, they are straightening the hems and pressing the lapels.

I do know that making the v7 prerelease available to all subscribers was going to be the last step before actual release.

And I can tell you that I have not regreted putting v7 on our projection machine. It is, indeed, more stable than 5.5. The only problems I've had were with the video driver, but I can't blame that on SSP or v7. That was a system problem.

Doug has been really closed lipped about an actual releasee date since he had to change the July, 2005 release party to a "launch" party. ;)

OTOH, I don't know how much a dual core processor with help SSP. Unless it's programmed to take advanatage of it, there may be no advantage at this point. However, there may be some advantage in the future, if your planning on buying a machine to last 3-4 years.

It's a tough decision. I'm obviously comfortable with my decision to run V7 in production. But if you're not, you may be best off running on your old machine until v7 is offially released, so your machine choice is not hampered by 5.5. limitations.

4/2/2006 9:42:31 AM
i think that the 5.5 version is just not able to take advantage of the dual processing capabilities of the ht and dual core technologies

4/2/2006 12:08:56 PM
Posted By tim-bot on 04/02/2006 9:42 AM
i think that the 5.5 version is just not able to take advantage of the dual processing capabilities of the ht and dual core technologies

Well, I certianly had problems with 5.5 that went away when I turned hyperthreading off.

There are problems, but they are sporadic. And, depending on what you are doing, you might not hit the problems.

4/2/2006 1:00:06 PM
So, if we use 5.5 on a computer with dual core, will 5.5 not work and be unstable?

4/2/2006 3:18:37 PM
Alll turning off HyperThreading does is make the computer run as a single processor instead of two. SSP5.5 may just not like running off two processors, (they cycle each other). All you have to do is set the affinity (basiclaly telling the program to run just off of one processor instead of two).

Trust me, I had to do this for a game until they fixed it.

So Karen...

A) SSP7 is pretty much at a stable point, aside from some minor things, I have run SSP7 for the past few weeks with no crashes or problems.

B)If you still want to just run SSP5.5 on the dual core machine, go for it. If it seems unstable, then set it to run on one processor (not hard to do, I can explain in more detail if you like). SSP5.5 should run fine.

C)In either case, you'll still end up getting your new dual core machine!!

*prays he can build another machine in the near futuer*

Rick Everingham
4/2/2006 4:03:29 PM
Karen, I have run V7 on our projection maching since Sep or Oct and I believe it was more stable then than V5.5 even back then. We have experienced no showstoppers during a service, and frankly none during a program build. It has always been minor stuff with a simple workaround (for example don't use a certain animation). And we use many of the advanced features every Sunday.

4/3/2006 10:14:57 AM
There is a lot of inromation already in this thread but I'll clear a few things up. 

SSP 5.5 isn't really compatible with Dual Core processors.  There is a way to make it work with them, but it involves disabling the second core or telling the application to ignore it.  There are a number of ways to do this, some are easier than others, some are more effective than others. 

If you do get a dual core system I'm sure one of the members here can help you or you can email me directly and I will walk you through the process of setting up the system so that SSP 5.5 works. 

Basically, the problems with dual core processors and Hyperthreading are similar.  The end results are pretty much identical.  You can expect problems displaying any high end graphics, random lockups, SSP just exiting, and other odd, unexplained errors. 

The best solution is to run version 7.  However that doesn't appear to be an option for you at this point so the next best solution (assuming you do get a dual core processor) is one of the workarounds to get SSP to see your system as a single core processor. 

4/3/2006 10:33:41 AM
Exactly what I was saying.

4/3/2006 12:13:10 PM
Thank you for your answers, everybody and thank you David.  I copied and pasted your answer into an email to one of our computer guys at church for him to see. 


4/30/2006 5:29:26 PM
You have to go into BIOS (sometimes called system setup). Getting into your BIOS depends on your sysytem. You usually have to push a particular F key at boot up, before Windows starts.

Once you are in the BIOS, you'll have to look around to find it. It's usually under Performance or something like that.

Hope this helps.

4/30/2006 5:38:49 PM
OOPS! Forgive me for the multiple posts?

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4/30/2006 5:39:29 PM
As soon as the LEDs on the keyboard flash press F2 on most Dells, F1 for most HPs, Del for most others, and F10 for some Comcraps.

4/30/2006 5:41:33 PM
Posted By wercampbells on 04/30/2006 5:38 PM
OOPS! Forgive me for the multiple posts?

No worries all fixed.

5/6/2006 1:57:10 PM

OK, its Saturday afternoon and I have not had a chance to obtaib and install version 7. So far no one on this thread has identified how to disable dual core. If anyone knows, please send instructions ASAP. Our system continues to lock up and we need to use it for service tomorrow.

Thanks in advance,

5/6/2006 6:17:04 PM
Sorry cant help but.. I would start by looking in the bios settings.

Otherwise try calling tech support.. not sure what the new hours are.. but try..


5/7/2006 12:35:30 PM
Sorry we couldn't be of more help, I wish we would have had more time or notification that you needed help in disabling dual core.  Hopefully you will be able to install version 7.0 early this week.  I hear it is much more stable and if you install it early in the week and run into problems you will be able to call Tech Support and  have a little more time to work through everything. 

5/8/2006 6:34:56 AM
wercampbells: this is the easiest way you specify how many processors you want windows to use on boot up in XP Pro in a multi-processor system (I believe this should work the same with dual-core). Once booted up go to start-run and type in "msconfig" (without the quotes), then hit enter or click ok. When the box appears, click on the boot.ini tab. Go to the lower part of the box (the boot options area) and click the "advanced options" button. Put a check in the /numproc= box and then by using the drop down arrow, select one. Click ok (on pop up box), then apply and ok (on main system config util. box). Next time you restart/bootup, windows will use only one of the two processors. As always, be extremely cautious when adjusting system settings. But honestly, when you get a chance, go to version 7, it's much better!!!

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