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8/6/2021 9:28:16 AM

So grateful for the update and fixes.  Haven't thoroughly tested it out but do appreciate some of the bug fixes I checked for.  I do have a feature request.   We don't use the Display Monitors view because they take up so much desktop space.  If the window/view were limited or allowed to be limited to one display at a time with the ability to switch between the different active displays, that would be very helpful.

P.s.  Windows warned against installing the program and Norton blocked suspicious actions.

George Taylor
8/6/2021 2:09:42 PM

Thanks for the feedback.  FYI - the installer has been corrected and should work as expected now.  Please try again and confirm.

Regarding the Display Monitor view.  That sounds like a useful option.  In the meantime, did you know that you can resize and move the Display Monitor panel?  Depending on your Presenter layout, you may be able to configure that vertically or shrink it so that you still get the indication without it taking too much space.   The support team can assist if you need help with the resize/arrangment.

8/9/2021 1:01:22 PM

I was able to install - I just uninstalled and then restarted and then reinstalled.  Regarding the Presenter Layout - I did know that I am able to resize.  However, the resizing of panels seems to be limited on how small you can go and also, there are about 7 displays available and we don't necessarily use all of them, so they take up unnecessary space.  Thanks for the feedback though.

George Taylor
8/16/2021 11:12:25 AM

Hi again Randy.

I guess I am a little confused - are you saying that you have 7 displays enabled?   SongShow Plus will support up to 6 displays and if enabled they will show up in the display monitor area however it is rare that users actually have that many in use.  Your first step will be to ensure that you do not have displays enabled that you are not actually using.

Please clarify your setup - it would be best to contact the support team and have them take a look to better understand what you are trying to do.


8/16/2021 12:28:46 PM

I took some screen shots so you can more easily visualize what I have going.  There are actually only 5 displays enabled, as you can see from the first image (I edited the photo with labels so you can see what each of the displays is doing).  Since I could not attach I have shared the image from my Google Drive. 

The second image show all the displays that Songshow  recognizes - they are not all enabled.  You can see though, how much real estate is taken up by the Display Monitor. 

George Taylor
8/16/2021 1:27:12 PM

Hi again - I tried to view these links but I do not have permission.  They do not appear to be shared publicly.   That said, if you are actually using 5 displays  then it sounds like you might need more real estate on the main display - what size of monitor are you using? 

8/17/2021 7:00:41 AM

The monitor is 22" diagonal (18 1/2 x 11 3/4).  What is your email address - I can send an invite directly from google drive

George Taylor
9/1/2021 1:43:05 PM

Hi again Randy.

FYI - your feature request was added to the 9.2 Preview build that is now available.  While this is not ready for production, if you are current you can check it out.

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