Version 8.3 > Problem with Package-to-Go


9/10/2016 7:27:19 AM
Hi. I'm always excited to install a new build of SSP. However, I'm having a problem with Package-to-Go (which I heavily rely upon). It has a habit of freezing up on me and needs to be turned off via Task Manager several times before cooperating. Sometimes even that doesn't help.

Windows 10.

Is there anything to be done?

Thanks as always,
Billy Dreskin

9/12/2016 8:42:52 AM
Rabbi Dreskin,

We are not aware of any issues with PTG but if you have found one we certainly want to resolve it.

The quickest way to resolve this would be to contact the support team when you can.  They can go through the steps you are having issues with on your machine to see what is going on.  

If you are unable to do that please give detailed steps in this thread on what you are doing and what errors or behavior you are seeing.

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