Windows 11 > Windows 11 is Coming...


George Taylor
8/31/2021 4:29:50 PM

I am sure that many of you have seen the news from Microsoft - Windows As A Service is Dead - Long Live Windows!

The next official OS release from Microsoft is Windows 11 and it has quite a few changes coming as well.  The best news we have so far is that Windows 11 will be released in October 2021 and will be a free upgrade from Window 10.

There are significant changes to the system requirements for Windows 11 so not everyone will be able to update anyway.  Windows 10 will still be around until at least 2025  so we have a bit of time.

If anyone is curious about Windows 11 requirements you can check the Microsoft site - Windows 11 Specifications - Microsoft

With regard to SongShow Plus, since Windows 11 is still a little while out for an official release, we do not recommend using it on your production systems.   That said, we do appreciate your enthusiasm and curiosity in installing a beta build of Windows 11 and checking out SongShow Plus on your non-production systems.

We are reviewing and testing the official Microsoft preview builds of Windows 11 as they become available and will do a complete regression once Windows 11 is fully released.  As you might expect, there will be some lag time from release to full support from a SongShow Plus perspective.

Stay Tuned here for more updates regarding Windows 11 and SongShow Plus.

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