Windows 11 > SSP issue with adding some items to program when in list mode


George Taylor
9/1/2021 1:40:24 PM

This issue was originally reported by David in the Version 9.1 Forum but it is more appropriate here:

David Shoemaker
8/3/2021 10:48:23 AM

Loaded Version 11 Windows and have been doing testing.  In the slide show media window the listing of files by name does not allow you to select any slide show except the 1st one in your directory.  Did find if you use the ICON view you can select other slide shows and put them into to your program.

On further investigation we were able to replicate the same or similar behavior:

George Taylor
8/5/2021 6:10:05 PM

Hi David.

I looked into this a bit and it does appear to be a Win11 thing.  I believe I was able to replicate the behavior that you described in more panels than just the Slide Show panel.  It seems to have to do with what is, or was, selected and it gets "stuck" on that object.  If I changed folders or panels it would allow one or more selections and then get "stuck" again on an item - in my case it was not always the first item but I still believe this is the same behavior.

We will dig into this further - thanks for the info.

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