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5/3/2006 9:21:47 PM
We're using SongShow on a laptop.  Someone else authorized it (gave it the license or whatever).

How can I deauthorize it, switch laptops, and authorize it on the new one?  We have another laptop that is newer than the one we've been using, and we're going to swap it out with our pastor.  She only uses hers for email and typing, and this laptop is a bit sluggish with transitions, animations, and motion backgrounds.

Quick and easy way?


5/4/2006 1:07:18 AM
You will find the unlock info under "tools" then "utilities" then "unlock"

you will need to install SSP on the new laptop, then request an unlock code B for the new laptop..

Just give tech support a call or email them...

are you using 5.5 or V7 ?? and is your promodule subscription active?? might be a good time to move up to V7 otherwise..?


5/4/2006 8:43:44 AM
Will I need to purchase another license? Or since I won't need this license anymore, can I just transfer it to the new laptop? This would be ideal.....

How can I contact tech support by email?

I'm using 5.5 Our promodule subscription might expire this month, or it might expire this month next year. Not sure.


5/4/2006 8:54:06 AM
Your license will allow one projection machine unlocked. I can't remember how they verify that your old machine has been decomissined, but I didn't have any trouble getting a B code for my new machine. I think I just assured them that we had uninstalled SSP from the other machine.

Support can be contacted at

I, too, would consider going ahead and installing V7 now. Your ProModule subscription covers the upgrade.

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