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5/9/2006 7:05:33 PM
I have recently installed SSP on our new system at the church.  On my workstation, in the display properties, select background image, it will open the last location that I chose a photo, or background from.  On the Church system it ALWAYS opens the my documents folder, then I have to go through several layers to get to my images (C:\shared\R-Technics\SSP\images\image folder that I want).  I have to do this every time - it's quite annoying.

My question is, how can I get this to open a default location, or simply revert to opening the last folder that I selected an image from?



8/9/2006 4:14:44 PM
We are experiencing the same problem.  When installing, we OK'd the factory default location for our images.  It worked OK for a few weeks after install, then one day it just started dumping us at My Computer, not even My Documents.  Somebody help!

8/17/2006 5:06:07 AM
We have the same problem. The install of version 7 did not cure the problem. We need help too.

I assume there is a logical or environmental variable that must be reset, but tech support has been unable to provide a solution.

8/17/2006 8:00:13 AM
There is an option to change the default folder location. But I cannot remember where it is and don't have SSP in front of me to dig it out.

But if you start digging around in the configuration and set up menu items withing SSP, you should be able to find it.

8/20/2006 4:31:54 AM
After about an hour on the phone with tech support, we did find a remedy.  There is a hidden file that needed to be renamed to a .old file and then SSP rebooted.  When that happened the directory did revert to the last folder that was open.  Now the thing is..... WHERE WAS THAT BLASTED FILE????  lol  Tech support has the answer, and I know the guy I spoke to did some IMing with Doug to find the answer.  If I find that file again I'll post it.


8/29/2006 1:57:32 PM

Did you remember that file. Would save me approximately an hour per week.

8/30/2006 1:19:12 PM
 Yeah, I'd like the name of the file!  I have volunteers ready to quit if any more bugs pop up!

8/30/2006 4:23:22 PM
Sorry guys, I still cannot find it.... it was in a strange place.  My best advice is to call tech support.  I KNOW the answer is there without question.  this is killing me that I cannot remember, but rest assured there IS a fix for this problem, and it is very simple.


9/1/2006 6:44:50 PM
Well guys, someone brought this topic to my attention and I think I may have your solution!

I know, I know, you all love me !

Ok, I hope I'm not wrong.

1.  Open My computer, Click Tools/Folder Options
2.  Click View Tab
3.  In the "Hidden files and folders" area, make sure "Show hidden files and folders" is selected.
4.  Goto "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\R-Technics\Core\State"
5.  There should be two files in that folder, one titled, "COMidCache" and one with a long string of letters and numbers with an extension, .rtcache
6.  Copy the .rtcache file to another folder as a backup, then delete the copy in this folder (Or just move this copy somewhere)
7.  Open SSP, Display Properties, Background Image
8.  Click the Select button next to the "Current Background Image" box.
9.  It should default to the desktop, but navigate to your image folder (default should be: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\R-Technics\SongShow Plus\Images)
10. Select an image, close SSP and reopen it.
11. The default background image folder should now be the last folder you were in.

If this didn't work:
You should probably copy the backup copy of the .rtcache file back into the State folder. 

Also, if the "Do not show hidden files and folders" option was selected in Step 3, you should probably go back into the Folder Options and change it back to what it was.  Hope this works!

Please let me know if this works!

9/1/2006 7:34:03 PM
ummm.... yea, that stuff Reid said up there^^^^  that's the file that I was trying to remember 
If I am not mistaken that is exactly the correct procedure.

9/3/2006 12:06:53 PM
It's funny - I just found this problem TODAY. I'm really surprised that when you say 'insert image' there isn't a way to just browse through the image folder - that's the most logical place to look for images. Having to go and hunt through an external folder is fine, but the default should be just to list the image tree within SSP. Dave

9/3/2006 6:05:44 PM

T H A N K    Y O U !

It worked. All is happy in river city.

Blessings to you, Reid.


9/8/2006 3:06:05 PM

Many thanks for posting the solution to this problem. I have had this problem for many months now and thought that my Op system had become corrupted or damaged. Had a virus on the machine that must have come from a flash drive that I use to transfer files. Norton cleared it up and I now do regular scans.
I actually had three files with the ".rtcache" file extention in the State folder. I moved them, restarted SSP and followed the above instruction by reseting the default background image, closing SSP and restarting SSP and all is well.


Curt M.

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