Version 5.5 > Photo Slideshow


5/18/2006 4:20:56 PM
I may be way off, but today I had to insert 160 photos into a slideshow.  So, I followed the steps and at the end when I went to play the slideshow, the slides were not in the correct order that I had inserted them.  Has that happened to anybody else?  Maybe I'm just extremely tired.


5/18/2006 6:48:30 PM

I have used the photoshow option a fair bit..
dont think I have noticed that problem...

Then again most of the time the photo's I am displaying are just being done to music so specific order was not something I was looking closely at??


5/19/2006 5:19:32 AM
You do mean that you defined the order from within the SlideShow builder dialog box (and not Windows Explorer), correct? And that you ordered and inserted them all at the same time, correct?

If that is what you meant, then I, too, have not seen that as a problem (but I haven't done a large run since the SSB version from last Nov.)

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