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5/27/2006 11:26:33 AM
I am very new to SSP in fact I have never used it before and now am running the slides for our youth service. I was wondering if there was a tutorial on this site anywhere. Because I have not found the book we have very helpful.

One of the questions I have is if there is a way to show the background between songs without words on it? Or during an open worship time, taking away the words without having to go to a black screen? I may not have read all that was in the book and it may have told me there but I didn't see it anywhere.

I know I have other questions but right now I can't think of them. Thanks


5/27/2006 11:57:32 AM
Hi Jennifer!

Welcome to the forums.  I'll try to be helpful to you, but if I am not I am sure others can help also.  I don't believe there is a tutorial on this website, but here is a link to the version 5.5 users manual:

Anyways, it is very easy to put an image in between songs.  If you look to your left panel and then click on the picture or images, you will see some to pick from that have come with SSP I believe.  Whenever I download or make scripture images, I put them in that directory also so they are easy to keep track of.  When I add a song to the program over on the right side, I put images between each song.  If you just want to clear the text that is over the image, look at the program side on the right and you will see a black, white and blue box at the top.  The white box will clear the text over the image so that just the image is displayed. 

Let me know if this helps or if you have any more questions.  I asked a ton of questions when we first started using Songshow Plus.

5/27/2006 12:24:29 PM
Most folks on this forum are very helpful. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.

It is also helpful if you go to your profile in this forum and provide a bit more info about yourself. Nothing personal, mind you, but enough to know what area of the world you are in.

If you are close to someone else, they may offer to let you sit in on their service to see how they do things.

SSPlus is going through a bit of a transition right now, and I am sure when this transition is over, they will begin offering training.

5/27/2006 6:06:17 PM
To show just the background after a song, you can click the clear screen button, the white rectangle, next to the black rectangle. The black rectangle is the blank screen button.

There are a couple of ways to show the image ahead of time. Some people will edit the song and enter a space in the last chorus or bridge, then, in verse order, select this "verse" first.

Or you can go to the image database and insert the image into the program. You will probably want to go into setting and set the margins to "full screen", so that if you are using the same image in the following song, the image size will be the same when it is used as a background.

Version 7, due out May 31, has built in tutorials. So when you upgrade, you will have those available.

5/30/2006 6:12:12 PM
Thank you I don't have internet on the computer where we have the program so I will look tonight and see if I can do what you have suggested. I am still open to suggestions.

I don't remember seeing a white box as one of my choices but I will look again tonight and get back with you when I know more. Thanks again.


5/31/2006 4:44:30 AM
Now that SongShowPlus V7 is out, as a new user, you should be able to download the upgrade. That will give you the full user manual and tutorials as tabs along the bottom.

Start at the download page and you should be able to download the full v7 client, load it on a CD or a memory key and take it to your projection computer.

5/31/2006 5:56:31 AM
Posted By visionyouthmin on 05/30/2006 6:12 PM
Thank you I don't have internet on the computer where we have the program ...
We didn't for the longest time either; then when it became available and we put it in, I wonder how we got along without it. Then, too, some people can't see the value of it ("after all, it's only a projection machine, what does it need that for?")

So if you can convince them to get it ...

5/31/2006 6:54:11 AM
I can't imagine not having internet on the projection computer, either. The ability to pull down songs from SongSelect Lyric Service is incredibly valuable. And being able to download just the updates to SSP, rather than the full install whenever there is an update is very nice, as well.

Of course, I do a lot of the graphic work on that machine, as well. So having available all my graphic and font sites is incredibly necessary.

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