Version 8.3 > Why point to SongShow Folders??


3/21/2017 1:18:55 PM
If I am going to add Slideshows, videos, etc to a program from the Media Files Panel
it defaults to the SongShow Folder instead of the appropriate sub-folder. The is a
small bother to folks that realize it, but to neophytes it is quite confusing since all of
the menu items are grayed out and you can't do anything until you select "images"
for example. It is particularly annoying when creating a new slide show and nothing can be
done until the "slide show" directory is selected. Certainly this would require a minor
effort to default to the proper sub-directory. 

3/22/2017 3:48:02 PM
This issue is addressed in version 8.4.

3/23/2017 8:00:16 AM

3/27/2017 6:41:28 PM
Agreed. Yah-hoo!

3/28/2017 8:05:46 AM
The thing I can't understand, is why it was ever this way in the first place!
Certainly the software developers run the program and test it in many ways
before releasing it -- didn't they notice this?

4/3/2017 11:48:54 AM
iirc, I used to remember where you were in SSP v7. but when they added the cloud stuff, they lost it.

4/4/2017 8:44:52 AM
Yes, the older editions of vs. 7 did a very nice job of remembering what folders where
recently accessed for various reasons (song backgrounds, slide videos, etc). Somehow
along about 2011 things changed.

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