Version 5.5 > The Strangest thing...


5/31/2006 12:06:49 PM
Last Friday I spent a bunch of time putting in song words, setting up the script for Sunday, selecting backgrounds, etc.  Showed up Sunday morning to find that:

- One song in the script was completely gone.
- The final "song" - the Counselor slide (I just created a song called Counselor and put up the "first verse") now had several verses of a real song.
- Some, but not all, of my verse sequences from other songs were no longer the same as I'd set them up.

The two options are that 1) someone messed with the system (unlikely, the system is locked down pretty tight and only a few people have access to it) or 2) the file somehow was corrupted.

Yes, I had saved my work before I left.  But that still wouldn't be the reason why information actually moved.

Am I insane?  Perhaps.    But this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.  I spent 45 of the last 50 minutes I had to fix the problem.


5/31/2006 12:45:41 PM
I've not heard of anyone having a similar problem, but for the record I'm wondering into which database the song was created and used for the other songs, and whether you think there is any possibility of system confusion over which database to access?

When you say script I assume you are referring to a "program" and that these parameters were entered directly into the program vice the songs in the database?

I don't understand "now had several verses of a real song".

5/31/2006 4:17:24 PM
Wow, we've never had that happen.  I too was wondering about where the RTecnics files are located?  Are they on your network or are they on the projection computer only?

5/31/2006 4:57:21 PM
"I don't understand "now had several verses of a real song"."

I have an end of service Counselor slide that I've plugged into a "song". It's the first verse of a song called "Counselor".

The files are all located in the default locations.

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