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6/30/2006 3:51:09 PM
I'm writing this message as a forwards for a Pastor at my mothers church.

He has been using this program for some time and has continued to have issues with playback involving DVDs.

Apparently during the mass the DVDs would stop or skip while playing. Now he does a series of other things ahead of time, such as the moving backgrounds or the songs or lessons then he proceeds to switch to the DVD segments. My initial idea was that his PC was just slow or old but upon seeing that ive ruled that possibility right out.

From my memory he has

Athlong 64 3800+
1.5gb Ram
200gb hard drive
16x dvd/rw
Geforce 6600 GT  -PCIE

Now i was unable to replicate the issue when i visited him in the mornign but that was a couple days ago and he claims it has done it again since then.

He has no spyware or unnecicary programs running in the backgrounds.

Also while running SSP he has upwards of a gig of unused ram aswell as more then 70% processor speed untouched.

The only possible issues which i can think of might be the DVD-Rom drive which is unable to keep up with the live transfer, even thought it did so when i tested it and he says similar issues also come forth when using video clips which are on the hard drive.

Or the program has some sort of update to resolve this and im unable to find it.

Now im sure that him upgrading to V7 would most likely resolve this right out, but if i can save him $100 in any way i will.

Thanks in advance all.

6/30/2006 7:37:51 PM
If he has a current proModule subscription (now known as the SSP Upgrade Subscription), he can get 5.5 or 7.0 for no additional charge.

If he doesn't, then I believe the cost is $150, for a limited time. And that will include, not only V7, but all the other upgrades for a year.

I'm not real familiar with the Athalon processors but if it has hyperthreading, you need to turn that off when running version 5. I don't know if that is a dual core processor, but version 5 doesn't support those either.

Also, make sure he is not running the 64bit version of Windows XP. SongShowPlus does not support that in version 5 or 7.

What DVD playing software does he have installed? The SSP DVD module works best with WinDVD, version 4 or 6. I picked up a copy of WinDVD v4 off of eBay for about $10 and it helped quite a bit.

Try playing the DVD in the DVD software to see if it has a problem there.

Also, you can search the Support Knowledgebase for DVD and see what turns up there. They have more specifics with which DVD software works well and which is known to not work well with SSP.

Good luck. I hope something here is useful.

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