Version 8.3 > Photo assistant can only load a photo at a time


5/10/2017 6:04:53 PM
I am trying to put together a photo slide show for baby dedication. Used to in photo slide assistant it would add as many photos as you wanted to add at one time. SSP 8.2 and now 8.3, that I know of, no longer does this. Is this an issue on my end or has SSP taken this functionality away? It makes no sense not to be able to select multiple photos in a part of the program that saves a ton of time. 

5/11/2017 4:21:06 PM
I tested mine and it allowed me to create a 55 image slideshow. Loaded all 55 slides at one time.

5/15/2017 2:31:56 PM
I checked this as well.  

Make sure you are using the latest update of 8.3.  When you go to the folder just select an image, hold the Shift key and click the last one - should select the whole group and insert them.

If this does not work - contact the support team. 

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